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atingi partners with more than 340 organisations from business, science, civil society and government to provide you with various courses and training. You can choose from more than 400 courses across sectors and industries to boost your knowledge and career. From job-relevant online learning and training to life skills and vocational training, at atingi, you can find the right learning path for your needs.

Our course categories

Many people around the world are still being disadvantaged or treated differently because of their gender, ethnicity, ability, and other factors. However, equality and inclusion are fundamental preconditions for a sustainable and prosperous future for all. This category is meant for everyone who wants to stand up against discrimination and champion equality in their work, community or beyond!

Digital infrastructures and tools are a big part of our everyday lives. But how do we even use a computer, what is artificial intelligence, and what are the effects on our health? Our course portfolio combines practical tips and tricks with theoretical knowledge that quickly turns you into a digital expert.

Ever thought of becoming your own boss? Our entrepreneurship courses equip you with skills on creating and running a start-up, of turning it into a profitable business and making a name for yourself.

Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Visit our management and leadership courses to enter a road to success. Become the boss you always wanted to be for your employees or simply learn how to manage your projects, personal or business relations better.

Our agriculture course offer turns you into an amazing farmer or supports you in becoming an agripreneur. Our courses take a closer look at different agricultural products and how to sustainably contribute to food security.

Boost your career with the atingi eAcademy Tourism & Hospitality and learn about sustainability, marketing and resilience in this field.

Good governance is crucial for sustainable development. Learn about the sustainable development goals and how you as an individual can also contribute to them. Our courses teach you about policy, advocacy and much more!

It is not only since Covid-19 that we have all taken a closer look at health issues and topics. Being healthy, eating healthy, exercising body and mind is important to balance challenges in our lives. You can learn how to follow a wholesome nutrition or why hygiene is crucial for our everyday lives.

Climate and Environment Change is affecting our planet. We offer a wide range of courses that speak to finding solutions to this pressing concern.

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Most popular courses on atingi

Purple illustration of people doing different tasks.

How to create a Business Plan

In this self-study course you will learn how to successfully develop a business plan for an organisation, institution or company.

Digital enquirer kit badge.

Digital Enquirer Kit

In this self-study course, you’ll learn how to become a Digital Enquirer: someone who knows how to identify misinformation, find, collect and analyze reliable information online and share it all in a secure way.

Illustration of a lady using artificial intelligence.

How to get involved in Artificial Intelligence

This microlearning course will provide you with first insights into the topic of artificial intelligence, to reduce barriers, engage with the topic and to encourage you to get actively involved in artificial intelligence.

Illustration of a diverse group of people standing in front of a world globe.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Sport and Sport for Development can help you get mentally fit. In this self-paced course, you will learn what mental health and well-being is. It will take you about 1 hour to complete and you will earn a certificate.

Soft skill training ready text.

Soft Skills Training for Employment

Increase your chances of getting a job. Explore different areas of soft skills, such as communication and leadership skills, time and stress management and conflict resolution.

Animated cartoon of two ladies.

Women in Tech

The technology industry is a male dominated sphere. Worldwide, only 24 percent of all jobs in the IT sector are held by women. It’s about time to change that!
Meet inspiring women who are successful in the tech industry.

A businesswoman working at her desk.

Women’s Rights & Gender Equality in Tourism

This self-paced course will help you explore the key issues related to women’s rights and gender equality in tourism. Explore real success stories of four women in the industry.

A boy walking through a field.

How to Create a Sustainable Tourism Business

Explore how to make your tourism business more sustainable. Find out how to implement sustainability in tourism business operations. Gain practical knowledge on the topic of sustainability.

Climate change illustration.

Introduction to Climate Change and Carbon Markets

Learn the basic concepts of climate science and climate policy, introduce carbon markets and how start-ups and MSMEs can benefit from participating in the Voluntary Carbon Market.

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Every course offered on atingi comes with a PDF certificate or Open Badge (digital credential) that you can add to your digital CV or use when applying for a job. Earning a certificate and completing assignments is 100% free – you will not be charged to complete a course or receive your certificate.

Our atingi certificates are issued after completing a learning unit and confirm the completion of a course.

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