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Gender equality & inclusive

Ensuring equal access to education is not just a matter of fairness, but a fundamental human right and catalyst for socio-economic progress.

Women, girls and other marginalized groups often face significant barriers to accessing quality education, which hinders their personal development, economic independence, and political participation.

At atingi we are convinced that digital learning holds the potential to provide such transformative learning opportunities to all, regardless of their gender or physical and cognitive abilities. Aligning with the German Feminist Development policy we seek to actively dismantle systemic gender inequalities, promote genuine inclusion and empower our learners to have a positive impact on their communities.

Therefore, we place great value on providing our learners with relevant learning materials that are designed in an inclusive, accessible and gender-transformative manner. To achieve this goal, we support our partners at every stage of their e-learning projects, be it by means of instructive courses on e-learning design, offline delivery solutions, or outreach support via our extensive network of partners.

Best Practices

If you seek inspiration for your own project or are interested in exploring examples of gender-transformative and inclusive e-learning, we invite you to review our collection of best practices.

Illustration for Women going Digital course

Women going digital

This course focuses on digital skills development for women, preparing them for the demands of the labour market and thus opening new job opportunities.

Course title illustration for the Digital Enquirer Kit

Tackling online gender-based violence

In this course, you’ll learn how to recognize and fight online gender-based violence (OGBV). It has been designed for those affected by online gender-based violence and those who want to learn how to become an ally and safely intervene.

Illustration saying Empower Accessibility

Empower accessibility

This short course explores the concept of digital accessibility and engages with the question why it is important to create accessible digital products and services

Gender-transformative & Accessible Course Design

Regardless of your project's thematic focus or primary target groups, an accessible and gender-transformative course design can help you to impact a bigger and more diverse audience, while contributing to a more gender-equal and inclusive society. Visit our courses on gender, accessibility and digital learning to find out more.

Group of differently abled people stacking their hands.

Accessibility and Digital Learning

Discover why digital accessibility is important and how to design your courses to be accessible to learners.

An illustration of people of different cultures.

Gender and Digital Learning Design

In this course you are introduced to basic concepts and tools, which help you to take gender into account when designing and implementing e-learning solutions.

Digital learning in low and no-connectivity contexts

atingi wants to make digital learning available to as many learners as possible, especially those in remote areas and underserved communities. To date, there is still a large number of people around the world without any or only irregular internet access. Therefore, we are tirelessly working on developing and piloting innovative and impactful offline learning solutions:

  • With atingi-in-a-box, we provide an offline-ready service and expertise that enables our partners to offer learning on atingi in low connectivity and no-connectivity settings.
A farmer standing next to a tractor on the field is looking at his mobile phone smiling.
A lady using her MacBook at her office desk.

Gender & Inclusion

Many people around the world are still being disadvantaged or treated differently because of their gender, ethnicity, ability, and other factors. However, equality and inclusion are fundamental preconditions for a sustainable and prosperous future for all. This category is meant for everyone who wants to stand up against discrimination and champion equality in their work, community or beyond!

Tackling the gender digital divide

Addressing the gender digital divide is paramount to achieving comprehensive gender equality. In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century, fostering digital skills and leadership development among women and girls is vital for achieving gender equality and promoting sustainable development. atingi, togtehter with its partners, is digital skills training and leadership development for women and girls.

Two women with laptops sitting together seen from above

News & Stories

View of female participants during a plenary session on AI

FAIR Forward’s AI and Data Science Bootcamp for Women* and Minorities tackles tech gender gaps and sets the stage for an atingi eLearning course

As the global landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) professionals reveals a stark gender disparity, with women comprising only 26%, FAIR…

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Two women assembling a computer device.

Empowering FemPreneurs in Togo through digital offline learning

<< version française ci-dessous >>   ‘Empowering FemPreneurs in Togo through digital offline learning’ is a collaborative initiative by the…

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Woman in a orange blouse standing in front of a roll-up banner with the title Women Going Digital

atingi collaborates with Orange Digital Centre to launch innovative Training of Trainers (ToT) Pilot Program for future course managers in Cameroon

Learning with atingi at a university is becoming reality in Cameroon! A pilot is launched in the winter semester 2023…

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