Celebrating more than 1 million learning unit completions on atingi

To provide digital learning that is inclusive, accessible, relevant, safe and secure for all learners is atingi’s vision. Our efforts evolve around providing learning opportunities across the globe to train today’s workforce, to provide opportunities to upskill and re-skill, and to overall improve the chances of our learners on the job market.

Access to education is not a given for everyone, especially for women and girls. With atingi we want to ease access to digital learning and offer free and certified locally relevant courses.

One important way of measuring the success of our efforts is by looking at how active our learners are. In October we have now crossed the 1 million mark of completed learning units. One learning unit is defined as an educational offering by atingi. This can be a completed activity within a course, a webinar or a game round in a gamified educational offer.

This is an immense achievement which showcases the quality and relevance of our offering. But this is not our achievement alone. We would not be able to reach and engage with as many learners as we do, if it wasn’t for our partners. Our partners – internal GIZ projects and external organizations – are the ones that shape our course offering and provide the learning content you can find on atingi.

This encompasses partners such as Fair Forward and the eAcademy that contribute with more than 100,000 learning unit completions each across their courses. It also includes courses from FABRIC which target brands and manufacturers in the clothing industry, the Gig Economy courses and other specialized courses such as the Crowdfunding for Creatives course, the Spanish course Transformación digital sustentable para PYMES, and many more.

A big thank you to all our partners for choosing atingi as your learning management system and your ongoing commitment and collaboration!


Interested in creating and publishing your own online courses for your project?

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