SFF Igualdad and atingi: For more inclusive education

Our partner SFF Igualdad has achieved a remarkable milestone as a trailblazer within GIZ Bolivia, introducing the groundbreaking course "LET'S LIVE OUR RIGHTS" (VND) on atingi. This achievement highlights the dedication of SFF Igualdad and underlines the immense potential of atingi as a partner to offer free learning opportunities and equitable access to education globally.

SFF Igualdad embraced the challenge of crafting innovative courses for both young learners and educators. In a mere two weeks, their team successfully developed two versions of the VND course on the atingi platform. These meticulously designed courses delve into crucial subjects such as Human Rights, Nonviolent Communication, Women's Human Rights, Diversities and Equality.

The course highlights their commitment to diversity, featuring the character Ĉiuj, meaning "all of us" in Esperanto. This inclusion reinforces the ethos of atingi, not only as a knowledge transmitter but as a creator of an educational environment that celebrates the richness of diversity, fostering the active participation of everyone.

The swift creation of these courses, coupled with visually captivating graphic design, showcases SFF Igualdad's ability to spearhead educational innovation in Bolivia. The choice of atingi to implement the "LET'S LIVE OUR RIGHTS" course ensured the development of a programme dedicated to quality, accessibility, and cultural relevance in the realm of digital learning. This milestone isn't just a local triumph in Bolivia; it stands as a significant contribution to the global educational landscape.

During the ongoing testing phase, SFF Igualdad has certified 20 students in their youth course, validating both the graphical materials and the efficient utilization of the platform. In the course targeting educators, they have certified over 30 participants: This joint work supported by the Centro de Educación Permanente Jaihuayco CEPJA under the Ministry of Education, shows the local outreach of our platform.

SFF Igualdad encourages everyone to embrace innovation in shaping the future of education in the region, to explore atingi and unlock a world of boundless educational possibilities.

We are happy to have the chance to work with the colleagues of SFF Igualdad to achieve this monumental stride towards a more educated and equitable tomorrow!


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